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Fnaf movie theory and review

Erm so i just watched the fnaf movie and i'm going talk about what i thought about it
I love it! Out of 10 I would give it an 8 just because it's not very lore accurate and it felt like there were plot holes. My mind is a little jumbled so stick with me here. I thought mike schmidt was mike afton and abby was elizabeth and her brother was the crying child. But when Vanessa revealed she was William Afton's daughter it took me by surprise and made me rethink everything. And why didnt she report him to the police? ToT she's literally a cop.
I'm confused about the campsite scene where Mike's brother gets kidnapped. I know that it was william who took him and that's why he passed when he realized who mike was but why would he get to a random campsite to kidnap a kid. It would make sense if it was at the pizzeria. Because the other children are there but they were all killed at freddys. And who is he? What if he's the cupcake lol. My friend said what if William realized Mike was his son and that's why he paused because he left them before which would also make sense. Have like a ‘i am your father’ type of moment.
Was the little blonde boy golden freddy? Because I thought golden freddy was supposed to be a girl. Was the animatronic chica was going to put abby in circus baby? Because it looks a lot different.
What happened to the aunt? Did she die.
I liked the fort making scene and I know a lot of people didn't like it because the animatronics are just kids. It was really cute, it reminds me of drawing/fanart people would draw in the younger fnaf days.
Mat pat made me so mad because he made me feel bad for him the entire time just for him to show up and have a cameo with his iconic “that's just a theory.” I love how everyone in my theater took a minute to realize who it was before we all started cheering.
Corry Kenshin!!! I wish we had more cameos. If Mark was in the movie the def would have been the security guard in the beginning. Calling it now. What about i has quapcake? Or burger king guy?
The credits were so good! Corrys scene, The living tombstones, and then the music box has me thinking there's going to be a sequel. Come find me.
The quotes from the game “i always come back and it's me”
Best movieof the year!


seeing fnaf!!!

taking my sister for her birthday. when i finish watch it i will put a full revew of what i thought.


I am havign the worst day :(

first thing i puld an allnighter trying to finish a project. photo shop shuts down and delets one of my files and curupts the other one. Only geting an hour of sleep untill my parents woke me up to ask me if too go help them file ther taxes making me miss my class. trying to turn my assignment in befor class so i can atleast shoow proff of doing it but the internet being off. getting called on the phone by a funeral inceranc agency and then being told to f*ck off ToT


Good day

i woke up on time and went to school all wedid is have a feld trip across the rode. went shopin at the mall for suplies. Nice old man came up to me and gave me cute little agle key chains he made himself. went home finished my home work and took a nap :D Also its been a year sens i started this site!



Happy birthday to mee!


I love you

i love her so much <3 and originaly she was around $40 but now shes $22 and i got her for $35! (cus i got a sent and a bell bag)




This is what im saying!!

like did everyone forget about sans and nagito? 😭


what is going on

i think the queen voted for sans😧
f all of you that voted for sans >:(
most eventful 2 days of my life
hope i can get splatoon3 tomorrow 🤞



if you dont vote for Reigen you will die 😡


I got my license



I love you

bestie that got me mincraft bought my little brother some sonic cars and putty >o< and also bought me a little miku figure!!! I know he will see this so once again THANK YOU!!!


worst day of my life :(

Someone took 400 dollars out of my bank acount that only had 24 dollars. This wasnt the fist time this has happend and honestly im tired. Went to the bank earlier today and put in a dispute with tears, hopefuly everything gets fixed. I also wont get a card for some time. Afret coming home my head started pounded from stress so I took a nap but I was rudely awoken by my dad yelling at me to clean the kitchen. That made me cry even more.


Felling a bit sad about the current state of the word so i impulsively bought me a couple of things 😞 (only got the middle one of Nayeon's album)



I fear the backlash I would get if I were to Post my thoughts on other social platforms so i chose to do it here where they can't say anything. Recently the law the let anyone with a uterus get an abortion was overturned. Iv had a hard time processing this.
This issue will affect ppl born female at birth, trans people, Poc, and gay ppl. Why in the year 2022 are we getting our rights taken away, rights that we worked so hard for taken from us in a blink of an eye. We call this the land of the free when half of the population doesn't even have a decision on what they can do with their body.
And to see women celebrating is such a slap in the face because you know well that those white women are financially stable to be able to have a baby. Choosing to care about unborn kids rather than the ones who are getting killed in schools. Utter bullshit!!!


i got hime expecting a package and insted looking to my right and seeing that my mom already opend it and placed it with all the other plushes.


I graduated!!!

these past four years have been crazy


Last day of school :(

requested to play Twice in class


Minor changes

my last project in my graphics class is to make a portolio so don't be alarm, they will be changed back later.



Curently fixing things