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weird walmart dream

Dream where I was at Walmart and I don't know what was going on before all I know is that I witness a work accident where someone was hit with like one of those machines that left you up in the air to fix like stuff in the ceilings and all my managers were there and everyone in the store was running out and my manager was like hey stay back but I was still able to see all the blood and like the body parts bladder was crazy I can't remember the rest of it though.


these old dreams

I had a horrible dream when I was younger and I was playing with a boy at my house at that time I heard the door open and close. I thought it was my mom so I went to check. As I got to the kitchen I saw my mom hunched over the table with her hands covering her face. I called out to her and she looked at me with her face covered in boils.

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this page was crated in 9/9/22 so all of these are old untill after this date