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There was a rat in walmart
I was littly cleaning and I see a rat run across the floor and when it noticed I saw it and stoped and looed back at me with a pleading look.
It ran off and went under a register while I went to grab a maneger. We there there for an hour waiting for the exterminator to come.
I dont think they got it. It was huge!!
The power randomly shut off and that whas it


lil baby bird

its been here for weeks


why are they alway here


not going good

our money machine broke so now we have to make due with the small amount of money we have 😭😭 and on memorial day weekend


Small fire in delli


lights out

I had a shift from 6-4
7:00 - sent to open garden
7:30 - Power whent off
10:00 - the store completely shut off. 10:10 - We had to stand at the door and tell people we were closed. They where not happy
11:00 - lunch
12:45 - lights turn on
1:20 - store opens again but we can't change people out on the registers
1:40 - we open again
4:00 - home


made this log to tell you what waky thinngs hapen at my job but nothing has really happend


work is tough